World Justice Project Rule of Law Index: UAE is ranked first among the Middle East

For the second year in a row the UAE is ranked first, among the Middle East and North Africa region ( MENA ), in the World Justice Project Rule of Law Index , thanks to an 0.67 on a scale score ranging from 0 to 1. However the Gulf country is placed at the 27th spot of a ranking that puts in the first position Denmark with a score of 0.87 , followed by two other Northern European countries: Norway and Sweden.

World Justice Project Rule of Law Index: Founded by William Nukom

Founded by William ” Bill ” Neukom in 2006 , the World Justice Project (WJP) is an independent, multidisciplinary organization working to advance the rule of law around the world. The WJP upholds four main principles that define the boundaries of universal belonging : the responsibility of the government and its officials to respect the laws, the principle of equality, according to which the laws themselves are applied, ensuring the safety of life and property , a sufficient number of investments and resources destined to justice.

World Justice Project Rule of Law Index: ranking

To date there are 99 countries that are part of the World Justice Project around the globe and, since its founding, the record has often been occupied by the Northern Europe nations. The position conquered by the United Arab Emirates is also remarkable . With its 27th position the UAE gains the primacy in the MENA region and can boast of being before several European countries including Italy, which occupies the 29th position.

World Justice Project Rule of Law Index: the elements of UAE

The elements, that have allowed the Gulf country to get a good score in the important world ranking WJP, are mainly the internal justice and general security. These factors are one of the key reasons for investments in the country by foreign multinationals, which are in Dubai , Abu – Dhabi and in the entire UAE: a safe place to expand business .