Italian exports to the UAE were valued at around €7 billion in 2014 and they keep growing fast. Today, UAE and above all Dubai are the new business frontiers.
Let’s see why.

To most people, Dubai represents wealth, sun, sand, water, tall buildings, luxury and beauty. Technically the city shouldn’t really even exist, because it was constructed in the middle of the desert, but it’s a living testament that we can achieve anything if we put our minds to it.

Dubai is of course more than this.

At first, it found oil but then realized that it wouldn’t be sustainable. In fact it diversified its economy into tourism and real estate.

Its advanced infrastructure, business freedom, multi-lingual human capital, and easy access to Western Europe and East Asia have enabled it to attract considerable investments. Between London and Singapore there is no other city which can call itself truly international.

Dubai has a well–diversified economy based on international trade, banking and finance, tax-free system, information and communication technology, tourism and real estate.

If you feel that Dubai is worth it we, as Astrea Mideast DMCC, aim to play the leading role in being the perfect partner for all the Italian companies that wish to develop their business over here.