The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai (GDRFA) introduced the ‘UAE vision’ new system, which allows public to apply for all kind of visa and residency related transactions only via typing service centers approved by the residency department, saving time and effort.

Applying for visa, renewing residency, new residency or cancelation in addition to any other related services as all the services will be available for residents at the typing services centers.

Major General Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri, Director General of the General Directorate of Residency and foreigners’ Affairs in Dubai, said:


“UAE Vision System is a new system where public members will be able to visit any of the typing service offices and submit their transactions all without having to visit the GDRFA building or any of the centers to complete their transactions as everything will be done at the typing center only”.


He pointed out that clients must provide accurate information to the typing center such as valid phone numbers, address and email in order to carry out the service.

Once approval is confirmed, residents will then visit the immigration headquarters only once to get their passport stamped.


“Those who apply for visit visa-related transaction will have it sent to their email and those applying for residency visa service will have it sent to them via Zajel courier service”, he explained.


According to the welcome message in the DRND website “the UAE government and Dubai aim to provide the best online services that meet the highest international standards and the customers’ various needs ensuring the highest security data.”

Application fees will remain the same, confirmed a GDRF customer service agent.

Expats be careful. The new electronic visa system will not allow sponsors to complete a residency transfer from one job to another until all fines have been paid due to stringent security criteria. But online service will help you out once again.

Residents could pay their fines quickly via the MoI’s new smart app, UAE-MOI. No queue, no pain.

A total of 133,973 fines have been paid via the MoI between October 2014 and September 2015.

UAE Vision: Passport Index survey encouraging UAE’ residence


Passport Index positions countries based on the power of each passport, determined by the firm’s three-tier method which combines a ranking for “Visa-free” travel, together with “Visa on arrival” ratio, with the country’s score as attributed by United Nations Development Programme Human Development Essentially, the Index serves to understand and visualize the power of each passport on the holder’s identity, opportunity, mobility and overall quality of life.
Index to take account of the jurisdiction’s international perception.

The new generation of the Passport Index compares passports from 199 countries including the 193 United Nations member countries as well as the Republic of China, Kosovo, Palestine and The Vatican.

Germany ranks the most powerful passport in the world, with a visa-free score of 157, followed by Sweden, Finland, Italy and Switzerland.

The United Arab Emirates’ passport ranks at the top of the most powerful in the GCC, 27th in the world and 60th on the individual ranking; mainly boosted from its Schengen visa waiver obtained in 2015.

Armand Arton, president of Arton Capital, company that empowers individuals and families to become Global Citizens, said: “Many people around the world consider their passports a barrier to their opportunities in life and choose to empower their identity and global footprint by obtaining a second citizenship through investment.


“In an age of increasing mobility, becoming a Global Citizen has never been more desirable. Investing in a second residency or citizenship is a liberating and empowering privilege, which comes with a responsibility to the world.”


Now, the UAE and its new system will probably encourage Mr. Arton words in becoming a Global citizen or better a UAE resident.