UAE Pavilion

The National Media Council decided to appoint the Architect Santiago Calatrava, to design the UAE Pavilion.

The shape of the Pavilion will resemble a falcon in flight, an iconic symbol for the Emirati culture that will host more than 25 million people during the event scheduled on 1 October 2021 with the duration of 6 months.

An interesting fact related to the construction of the Pavilion is the hard work behind it, with a restricted time schedule to finish the Pavilion for the event and most of the project is built using beams and non-standard connections with many cambers to reproduce the shape of the famous bird.

The UAE Pavilion is built-up into 4 storeys on an area of 15,000 square meters, with a dedicated hospitality space on the last floor. During the event, there are scheduled lots of Exhibitions, showcasing the culture of the Emirati population and the major achievements in their history.

Moreover, in occasion of this ambitious event, the UAE Pavilion will show how interconnected the modern world is, and will make countries aware of the importance in finding sustainable solutions to major global problems.