UAE pavilion and its future in Masdar city: sustainable urban development

The United Arab Emirates Pavilion takes inspiration from the native landscape, the high walls and the raw materials used for it make the visitor images what it feels like to be in the UAE. Commissioned by the National Media Council, the pavilion is the creation of British architects, Foster + Partners, the mind also behind the UAE Pavilion Shanghai Expo 2010 and the Masdar city itself. The exciting imagery has been integrated with the remarkable vision behind the UAE’s carbon-neutral Masdar City and its ambitious plan to provide a sustainable future for a new desert city. The most significant ‘green benefit’ of the UAE Pavilion at Expo Milano is that the whole structure is designed to be dismantled, brought back to the UAE and remounted. From the earlier stages, the UAE pavilion set up in Milan was always intended to move to Abu Dhabi’s Masdar City and modifications will be made to convert it into a permanent structure.

The UAE’s future energy complex will finally come to rest at the end of EXPO 2015. The commission wants the companies to free the area by June 2016. The complexities behind bringing the UAE pavilion home to Abu Dhabi will be worked out by Giuseppe Chiarandà, CEO of Rimond, the leading Italian sub-contractor on the project, and his team.

UAE pavilion and its future in Masdar city: the visit of the CEO Ahmad Belhoul

The message of the UAE’s Pavilion at EXPO Milan 2015 comes under “We can shape our future by learning from our past”, and looks to come up with solutions in meeting challenges on issues like water, land, food and energy. For such reason, on August 24th Masdar CEO Ahmad Belhoul and a delegation of senior Masdar representatives have visited the UAE Pavilion at the Milan Expo to experience how it is providing visitors from around the world an inspirational and holistic encounter with the United Arab Emirates and its people. Dr Belhoul also met Mansour Ibrahim Ahmed Al Mansouri, Acting Director General of the UAE National Media Council to discuss the transfer of the pavilion to Masdar City where it will be transformed into Masdar’s visitor centre.

We look forward to relocating the pavilion to Masdar City, where it can showcase the innovative solutions we are pursuing at Masdar, though deployment of renewable energy for power generation, developing more sustainable urban environments and training the next generation of energy leaders.” Said Belhoul.

Masdar City is a modern Arabian city that, like its forerunners, is in tune with its surroundings and a model for sustainable urban development regionally and globally. The building has been designed with this in mind, conforming to the high standards and design ethos of Masdar City. The spirit of Masdar and its innovative approach to solving fundamental regional and global challenges is reflected throughout the Pavilion. Masdar City is a project by the company Masdar, giant of renewable energy, which is controlled by the Mubadala Development Company, the Government of Abu Dhabi‘s real estate development company.