His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum has announced the launch of a new sustainable city in Dubai called Food Technology Valley.

The world population is rapidly increasing an there is the need to boost the overall food production in a way that will preserve our resources and the environment.

This new and innovative city will serve exactly for this purpose: to provide a vibrant environment that will eventually be joined by many start-ups and companies who work within the food sector.


UAE and food industry

The UAE is a global destination for food companies and a crucial hub for re-exports of food products between the West and the East.

During the years the food  industry has also acquired a lot of importance through the organization of major events like Gulfood, the largest food exhibition.


The cities will have many facilities, including R&D departments, an innovation center.

Different food logistics hubs and storage facilities as well as areas for experimentation of new agricultural techniques such as vertical farming with the hope to develop new enhancing projects and technological innovation to ensure sustainable food production.


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