The UAE’s push for artificial intelligence (AI) has been in the works for the last 20 years  and today, it is finally starting bearing fruit, a minister said on Monday. The country, currently a regional leader in the digital economy, is on its way to becoming a big AI player on the global front.

Artificial intelligence (AI) in UAE

In the last four years, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and similarly advanced technologies have been accelerators of change in various fields, including education, health, space, renewable energy, water, environment, traffic, etc.

From virtual learning to tele-appointments with doctors, artificial intelligence has helped to negotiate ways during the pandemic. In the UAE, the public and private sectors at various levels have used the technology to ensure minimal disruption due to the pandemic.

For example, retail companies were able to offer no-contact pick-up and deliveries. The rise of cloud kitchens in the UAE, the use of machines for clever inventory assessment, use of smart machines and household appliances are various examples of our interaction with AI daily.

AI in healthcare sector

Another sector impacted the most from AI innovation is healthcare. The wider adoption of remote medical consultations is the most conspicuous use of AI. The health authorities in the UAE launched ‘doctor for every citizen’ in December 2019. This facility came in handy during the pandemic and helped millions in the country. In the future, the Dubai Health Authority plans to use AI and robotics to automate surgeries and other procedures.

AI in the aviation sector

The aviation sector is currently exploring new AI’s system which can significantly improve our lives. In 2018, the UAE’s aviation authority signed an agreement with Searidge Technologies to explore the use of AI in air traffic management. Facial recognition technology and smart gates at Dubai airport are some recent examples.

The future of artificial intelligence

AI will play a key role in the future to develop services and to improve the quality of life across almost every sector. The big revolution is already on its way to shape the present thanks to the long-term vision and strategies set by His Highness sheikh Mohamed and its collaborators.

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