UAE citizens’ visa: now easy travel to Switzerland by Schengen visa waiver programme

On June 12th, the Helvetic Confederation signed the agreement between Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates on the short-stay visa waiver.

This Agreement provides for visa-free travel for the citizens of the Union and for the citizens of the UAE when travelling to the territory of the other Contracting Party for a maximum period of 90 days in any 180-day period.

UAE citizens’ visa: dos and don’ts

The visa-free travel applies to all categories of people when travelling for tourism, cultural visits, family visits, business, etc… While it is not applied for persons travelling for carrying out a paid activity. For such individuals, any member state of the EU, Switzerland and the UAE may impose visa obligations on each other’s citizens in accordance with the national law.

UAE citizens’ visa: Short-term stay (under 90 days)

The visa application must be submitted in person to VFS.

-The passport must be signed and valid for three months

– Beyond the stay in the Schengen states.

– The application form must be duly completed (in full) and signed by the applicant.

– All requirements and forms for the applicants have to be fulfilled and attached

– During the processing time the passport has to remain with VFS.

– No information on the status of the visa is given before collection

– The visa and processing fees have to be paid upon submission of the visa application

(please see details below).

– Sufficient financial resources have to be available to cover your cost of living in Switzerland; as a rule, an amount of CHF100 per day is considered sufficient.

– No fee is refunded for rejected visa applications.

– The Embassy of Switzerland may demand a declaration of sponsorship.

You may also apply for your visa directly at the Embassy of Switzerland in Abu Dhabi. However, should you choose to submit your application directly at the Embassy the delay will exceed the one at VFS’ Visa Application Centre. It is therefore recommended to lodge the visa application directly at VFS.

UAE citizens visa: Long stay (Over 90 days)

If you would like to work in Switzerland or plan to stay longer than 90 days, please contact the competent Cantonal Migration Office. Visa applications for long term Visas have to be submitted in person at the Embassy of Switzerland in Abu Dhabi.