Have you ever created a travel wish list? Most people know that the more you wish to travel the higher are the expectations about that place.

Try Dubai, you will never regret it.

Recently the Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (Dubai Tourism) announced the results of a satisfaction and happiness survey and the flow of tourism of the first three months of the year.
The first survey is aimed at enhancing Dubai’s tourism offerings and it measures and tracks the satisfaction levels of visitors to the city with various aspects of the destination offering.

The other one reveals that 4,1 million travelers went, at least one night, in Dubai.
5,1 % more compared to last year.

The survey also analyzed visitation at key attractions across the city in 2015.
It showed that Downtown Dubai remained the city’s most iconic destination.
The Dubai Mall was the most visited attraction with 86% of all international travelers going in 2015. The adjacent Dubai Fountain came in second place at 67%, while Burj Khalifa saw over 30% international visitation.

Travel through culture: shopping in Dubai


With its more than 70 shopping centers, Dubai has known as the shopping capital of the Middle East for a bit now.
From the smaller community malls dotted around the city to the ultra-modern mega malls that have changed the skyline, shopping opportunities abound in Dubai.

In addition to the malls the traditional markets, or souks pop up. A treasure trove of gold, spices, and textiles, Dubai‘s souks are alive with the buzz of trade and the spirit of a strong and traditional past.

Dubai also hosts the annual Dubai Shopping Festival, which offers a variety of special events and deals around the city.

The warm, turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf and our coastline are beacons for sun seekers. Dubai’s parks, world-class facilities and year-round sunshine also make it the “sporting capital” of the Middle East. With all types of spectator sports, water sports, and traditional sports and activities such as falconry, Dubai offers something for every sporting enthusiast and beach lover.