Sustainable City

Green Vision of the UAE

As part of the Green Vision of the UAE, the project of the Sustainable City in Dubai has been recognized as the Happiest Community for three consecutive years in occasion of the Gulf Real Estate Awards organized in collaboration with the Dubai Land Department.

Situated in proximity of Arabian Ranches, The Sustainable City offers great services and aims at implementing a new and innovative urban system, in order to produce zero net Co2 emissions and reduce waste.


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The City is composed of residential clusters which contains 500 villas in total, connected with an urban farm that occupies 3000 squares meters.

The farms are well diversified and can produce different kind of fruits and vegetables to meet the demand of the residents.

In addition to that, the City is covered by solar panels in order to deliver energy in each residential unit and there are electric buggies for each villa to comfortably move across the various sectors of the city, equipped with close car parking spots.

The residents living there can live autonomously without the need to go outside their respective residential area, as there are many different facilities including restaurants, cafes, supermarkets.

It has also been established one University campus which comply with the most rigid sustainable practices to avoid waste and an equestrian club along with horse and cyclist track to move easily.

The success of this project is a key point to develop sustainable urban areas to contribute to reducing CO2 emissions as part of the “UAE Vision”, set up by His Highness Sheikh Bin Mohammed.