Nowadays ready-to-eat meals are part of UAE culture as people do not have much time to stay at home and cook for themselves given the frenetic lifestyle.

Especially Dubai, is by far the most digitalized city in the world where delivery-only market has been a reality a decade ago.

Thus, it’s not surprising to see that many restaurants are in favour to switch to localized kitchens who can deliver meals with precision and accuracy in any given place at any given day by reducing common restaurant expenses on employees and cooking assets.

UAE’s dark kitchen revolution

Due to this reason, some of the restaurants are not even setting up a kitchen anymore and they can access any costumer at a very low cost simply though an app.

The pandemic has accelerated a lot the ongoing switch from the traditional restaurant industry to cloud kitchens as they also eliminate the human interaction.

As a matter of fact, the total online sales in UAE F&B market has grown exponentially at 255% in 2020 to 412$million according to a report published by Dubai Chamber of Commerce.