Smart Palm: Dubai electric trees to surf the Internet for free and charge smartphones

Smart palm. Dubai prepares to Expo2020 with a series of technological innovations in line with the main theme of the world expo: Connecting Minds, Creating the Future. Smart Palm is one of them. It is a green self-sustainable palm-shaped device, recharge station and info point with complimentary Wi-Fi access.

Smart Palm: the characteristics

Smart Palm can recharge your device two and a half times faster than normally required and each tree provides a free Internet connection, covering one hundred meters. It also represents a shelter from the sun. Every Smart Palm is an information point thanks to a touch screen through which you can search for information and news about Dubai and more. As night falls, the palm trees light up giving a unique show of colored lights.

Smart Palm: technology and solar energy

Thanks to these smart trees, Dubai’s tourists and residents will stay in touch with the world, at any time. The authorship of this ingenious endeavor belongs to Smart Palm, an UAE company founded by Viktor Nelepa a Macedonian who moved in Dubai in 2003. The company’s program includes the installation of 103 smart palms, by now there are two trees: one in Zabeel Park, and the other, recently installed, on the beach front near to the Burj Al Arab. It is very likely that their numbers will grow significantly in Dubai and around, as the aim is to ensure access coverage throughout the city.

Electronic palms are placed next to the natural ones, giving a very attractive visual game, especially at sunrise. The installations are six meters high, and the photovoltaic panels installed on top have a 21% power efficiency greater than the traditional panels power. The product is a real technological treasure and it stresses the interest of the UAE towards technology and innovation.