Astrea Mideast DMCC provides tailored advisory services both for individuals and companies that intend to move their business in Dubai or in the UAE, defining the business strategy and providing guidance step by step.

-Transfer of legal and fiscal residence

-Bank account opening

-Residential space search and related services (P.O. Box, Bills and Utilities, etc.)

-Vehicle purchasing and registration

-Medical and property insurance

-Establishment of legal entities: companies, subsidiaries, representative offices

-Establishment of legal entities in free zones

-Obtaining professional, industrial, commercial licenses and renewal of permits

-Sponsor or local agent scouting

-Preparation and review of legal documents

-Preparation and review of commercial contracts

-Research of commercial and residential spaces

-Employment assistance

-Marketing and advertisement assistance

-Banking services

-Financial and tax planning


-Market Research and mapping (distribution, regulations, competition)

-Export strategies

-Contacts and partners scouting

-Fairs, events, B2B meetings and webinar organization

-Local relationship management and assistance with samples shipment

-Assistance with certifications

-Pricing support

-Assistance with negotiation and definition of commercial agreements

-Translation services

-External Customer Service

The real estate field in Dubai continues to attract investors, thanks to its strong infrastructure and investment opportunities.

The peculiarities of such an important market require a specific legal and administrative assistance.

Astrea Mideast DMCC provides a long-standing expertise in assisting individuals and corporations during the process of researching and selecting properties and showroom locations for SMEs, always ensuring its presence during the buying and renting procedures, and suggesting the right strategies to achieve the best negotiation.

Astrea Mideast DMCC can assist you researching both business and individual real estate solutions, bringing together a deep understanding of local law with international best practice to get the best results for your business.

-Market mapping and legislation consulting

-Assistance during property scouting and selection

-Assistance during the buying/renting of the property

-Follow-up and relationship management with local counterparts

Astrea Mideast DMCC always believed in the strong link between digitalization and internationalization: international growth benefits from digitalization and allows SME’s international growth.

Digital Communication is a key factor in a business success and must consider the geographical and cultural context in order to achieve what has always been our goal: tangible and measurable results.

Our digital approach is fully customizable because we want it to be accessible also to the SMEs, in order to make them competitive in global markets.



-Social media management


-Graphic material for the stand

-Advertising material (online/offline)

-Coordinated image

-Brand image consulting

Due to its strategic location and its ability to attract investors, in a short time Dubai has become the largest exhibition centre in the entire Middle East.

Astrea Mideast DMCC, since its foundation, delivers results in the fairs and events field, with a specific experience in many services.

Thanks to this, Astrea Mideast DMCC has a unique know-how to set up B2B events capable of linking directly demand and supply from various fields, creating a dynamic and innovative environment for wholesale activities.

-Location scouting

-Event and booth set up

-Participation management

-Travel and accommodation arrangement

-Logistic and bureaucratic advice

-Translation services

-Follow up after the event

-External Export Manager (EEM)

The UAE market is fertile environment when it comes to setting up a start-up.

The Government itself, the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF) and the many free zones in the Country are very focused on tech, space exploration, mobility, sustainability, security and safety, medical and food security etc.

Astrea Mideast DMCC, thanks to its distinctive know-how and its local team, is able to give start-ups the possibility to network with potential partners, (Venture Capital, Incubator, Free Zones, local stakeholders) through the following services:

-Organization of ad-hoc B2B events, Workshops, Mentoring and pitching sessions and Virtual/Live-in person representation at trade fairs

-Identification of public tenders for grants and subsidies and administrative support

-Communication strategy

-Follow-up and relationship management with local counterparts

Thank to its local team and to its qualified local partners, Astrea Mideast DMCC is able to offer consultancy and assistance services to all the business that aspire to expand abroad by setting up a local company both in mainland or in the free zones.

-Company Setup




-Relationships with local banks

-Office location scouting and showroom opening

-Hiring and management of local team

-Tax consultancy