Individuals & Corporates

Astrea Mideast DMCC provides customized advisory services to private individuals and companies which desire to move or plan a business strategy in the United Arabian Emirates.


  • Transfer of legal/fiscal residence
  • Residential space search and associated services management (utilities, P.O. Box, etc..)
  • Opening bank account
  • Vehicle purchasing and registration
  • Medical and property insurance

  • Establishment of legal entities: companies, subsidiaries, representative offices
  • Establishment of legal entities in free zones
  • Obtaining professional, industrial and commercial licenses
  • Sponsor or local agent research
  • Name selection and reservation
  • Preparation and review of legal documents and agreements between the parties
  • Research of commercial and residential spaces in assistance for the employees
  • Advice on funding opportunities
  • Marketing and advertisement assistance
  • Employment assistance for employees
  • Obtaining renewal of permits procedures
  • Drafting of commercial contracts
  • Start-up assistance and activities management
  • Management and control of operations related to banking services
  • Financial and tax planning
  • Accounting and preparing balance sheets


Real Estate Transactions

The importance and the peculiarities of the real estate market in Dubai requires a specific legal and administrative assistance.

Astrea Mideast DMCC assists individuals and companies in searching for locations of offices, showrooms and homes, managing the purchasing and rent practices by suggesting proper strategies to achieve the negotiations between the concerned parties.

  • Market operation and legislation consulting
  • Assistance and advice during the search and selection of the property
  • Assistance and advice during the process of buying / renting the property


Strategic Marketing

Thanks to the market’s  recovery and trough the exit from the economic crisis, the Gulf area and some parts of Asia are playing a leading role in the change of world economic geography. The United Arab Emirates is considered the privileged door towards East: the place to be for a multitude of investors from all over the world.

An original cosmopolitan laboratory where multicultural races live peacefully together without tension despite deeply linked to the Islamic tradition, but interpreted with a cut less rigorous than in neighboring countries.

In this context, the marketing strategy creates a competitive advantage.

The balance between supply and demand, activates a virtuous circle of economic and social development. Thanks to the specific knowledge of the area and its experience, Astrea Mideast DMCC addresses its clients to identify the target market. This specific approach, tailored to the needs of the UAE market, also evaluates the potential in terms of quantity and quality, offering high growth and profitability potencial.



Fairs & Events

In a short time Dubai has become the largest exhibition center in the entire Middle East.

With one million square meters, the Dubai World Trade Center is the most important and prestigious exhibition center attracting exhibitors and visitors from Europe, Africa, Middle East and Indian Subcontinent.

  • Participation management
  • Travel and accommodation arrangement assistance
  • Booth set-up
  • Logistic and bureaucracy advice
  • Interpreting services
  • Feedback follow up after the event

So as to promote the products and commercially interact in the area, it is common in Dubai to organize private events in exclusive locations, usually frequented by a medium-high target.

  • Location research and choice
  • Event preparation