Event – Expo 2020 Dubai – FOOD AND BEVERAGE

Expo 2020 will be the first event of its kind to address worldwide themes and challenges that humanity as a whole will have to face in the next decades.

The event will give the chance to each country’s culture to meet and create new opportunities for the world by promoting international cooperation and social development.

Each country will present their unique culture and key innovations under their pavilion to more than 25 millions of expected visitors.

As Expo 2020 approaches, it has become of extreme importance for Italian SME’s to participate at this global exhibition, showing the Italian culture through the tradition and the products that have always characterized our country making it competitive worldwide to address current and future challenges though innovation

The challenge of the agri-food sector

As we all know, the global population is growing at a fast pace, approximately 1.1% every year, which means 80 million people.

With less space available for cultivating crops, Italy will have a chance to showcase their major innovations and techniques in the agri-food sector to address the ongoing increase in global demography without cutting on the added-value and quality that is deeply rooten in Italian food products.

Made in Italy food sector

In the recent years, Italy has continued to expand their food production system by trying to link it with new farming techniques and technologies to tackle current problems.

According to a report published from Coldiretti, there was a growth of 3% in the agri-food sector based on ISTAT statistic.

Food manufacturing and all related services from cathering businesses to retail, has becomed one of the main source of wealth for Italy, equivalent to 25% of the total GDP

It is also evident the Italian food products are increasingly popular in the world as the exports were up 4% in 2019.

In addition, the Italian agri-food sector aims at creating a sustainable food production system in order to accelerate the transition to a net carbon zero supply chain, in line with the current European regulations and guidelines on corporate social responsibility.

For this reason, there will be many innovative talks at Expo 2020 on how to ensure high quality production and a sustainable food system by highlighting current innovation within the agri-food sector.

Expo 2020 Dubai opportunities

Expo 2020 will also give a lot of space for food-related experiences and gastronomic options to share ideas and know-out as well as new culinary trends and techniques for the most passionate food lovers.