Made in Italy:  a constant success in the world

From Russia to China, passing through the UAE the MADE IN ITALY brand is constantly consolidating its power. According to the results of a research called “ESPORTARE LA DOLCE VITA” displayed at EXPO during these days, the Italian products keep on spotting a real success all over the world.

Made in Italy: UAE plays the leading role

The UAE plays a leading role as one of the most important end market among the others. Our nation turns out to be so fruitful for Italy because of its products appeal.

Made in Italy: the so-called BBF products

Food, furniture, clothes, shoes, sunglasses and jewelry are the main sectors whose products are the so-called BBF, which stands for: “belli e ben fatti” that’s to say: beautiful and well-done. These consumer goods are part of those high level products which distinguish themselves for design, quality and research of beauty. Usually request from the wealthy class, it has been estimated that within 2020 there will be 224 million new rich people compared to 2015. Half of them will live not only in China, India, Indonesia but also in other rising countries such as Turkey.

Made in Italy: sales forecasts

Looking at the different fields, the clothes sector will be the drawing power. Sales are foreseen to grow up until 3.7 billion dollar. At the same time, also the jewelry section will increase its turnover and UAE nation will contribute to this growth. To follow, food and shoes import will register an increase thanks to nations such as China and Russia.

Made in Italy: different business ways to undertake

Talking about these two giants it is important to underline that “big opportunities” don’t correspond to a foregone success. As per the result of a report in fact, among the most recognized destination- countries, the UAE stands out followed by countries like Malaysia and European markets. Russia and China, are more difficult to enter. But not impossible. People who are interested in developing their business in these areas, should undertake other ways. Tourism for example represents a real opportunity to make the demand meet the request. By developing the touristic flow, it becomes easier to increase a nation richness. Another way to improve your own business is to aim at a fruitful digital communication. Thanks to a well-done website it is possible to enlarge your audience reaching people coming from all over the world.