According to the official statement on Expo 2020 website:Expo 2020 aspires to deliver one of the most sustainable World Expo ever.”

Expo 2020 will be an event dedicated mostly to innovative ideas and real-life solutions related to the sustainability theme, to promote awareness among people and to help to preserve the planet for future generations.


In order to achieve this ambitious plan, the sustainability theme at Expo 2020 will be integrated in any single aspect of this important event taking place in Dubai. It is also the most crucial plan of the core vision of UAE which has incessantly made efforts to diversify their economy from oil and refinery to green solutions such as clear energy, minimize waste and water consumption and using sustainable building materials among the most important achievements


Many countries all around the world will have the chance to exhibit their ideas to contribute in promoting sustainable practices for businesses which negatively affect the environments by polluting the air and water.

A noteworthy example is the Czech Pavilion, which will bring to Expo 2020 a new concept of using solar energy to create fertile land even in extreme dry conditions by extracting water vapor from the air.

Also, the Singaporean Pavilion has developed a tropical rainforest using net zero energy and his architecture will an extension of nature using only sustainable materials.

Today these concepts are possible using advanced technologies and capabilities that all the countries should deeply invest to develop and implement sustainability practices on a larger scale in a way that will be beneficial to the global economy.