“Connective minds”

is the key message that Expo 2020 event wants to deliver to the world, and it is going to be a major chance for every country to show their potential and work together to shape the future towards a direction promoting peace and sustainable activities.

Connecting the minds is an ambitious goal which can be achieve only with effort and dedication. Yet it’s not simple, for people who have different historical background and on a broader perspective country, to understand and cooperate together because of many cultural, social and economic reasons.

In an historical moment where all the connections developed across the years for business, but also for friendship were suddenly shut off because of the coronavirus pandemic which has blocked transportation, and the possibility to exchange goods and services, to meet our friends and in some cases parents.

The UAE has decided in this difficult period to put effort and face the challenge to open talks with Israel, which has been into conflicts for several years with the Arab countries for cultural diversity and ancient conflicts protracted till today.

As far as I am concerned UAE and Israel are now in talks to develop diplomatic and trade relationships for the first time in human history which will eventually benefit both countries and by bringing several opportunities to aspire to a better future. In order to succeed in solving the issues of the world, connections and cooperation between each other is going to be the key for mutual success.