The largest exhibition dedicated to the food of the Middle East ended last February 25th.

Gulfood 2016, at the Dubai World Trade Center, has received over 90 thousand buyers from 160 countries during the 5 days of opening with more than 5.000 exhibitors ready to make their appearance in the Middle east market.

SVA Group, along with some Italian customers, has participated in this incredibly busy international showcase, through a partnership with Astrea Mideast DMCC.

Both companies were present on the stand of RichHouse General Trading Dubai.




Thanks to the partnership with Astrea Mideast DMCC, SVA Group took the chance to present to this international frame four of its customers with great praised from the visitors: L’Ancora, T18, Sicili@mo and Sogeda Alimentare.



The Ancora Store is a fish workshop and it is a fish restaurant in the center of Turin: Splendida Piazza Solferino.
They take care of the fish from the blast chilling that occurs in the laboratory to the cooking in the restaurant, that’s their feature.
This allows not changing either the taste or the characteristics of the fish. Therefore the fish shop is defined as a “Pescheria d’eccellenza”. They like to call their selves a Concept Store that brings to the table the fish in an innovative way through ancient cooking techniques (marinating and smoking) reinterpreted to leave the fish in its purest nature.

The blast chilling with liquid nitrogen, produced by a proprietary technology, ensures the achievement of temperatures in a short time up to – 196 ° C.


T18 Group, born in the 1890s in Turin, is one of the most modern and important companies in the Italian fruit and vegetable sector.

The distribution network operates at 50% with the GDO and the remaining 50% from normal trade, food centers, street vendors and HoReCa, both Italian and foreign.

With production centers distributed in different regions of Italy (Campania, Sicily, Sardinia, Puglia, Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Veneto, Piedmont), T18 Group brings over 600 producers who share and collaborate to achieve a common goal together with its local productions.

For four generations, T18 Group has made the entire production process control its corporate mission, to ensure the highest product quality and service while respecting the environment and the health of the consumer.

The Group aims to enhance the ancient farming methods integrating them with cutting-edge technologies, in order to obtain a product that is good and genuine, but also meets the most stringent and current health standards.
For each type of fruit or vegetable, T18 Group guarantees different varieties, according to the individual needs of the consumer.





Sicili@mo” is not just the company of people in love with their land, but it is a mentality, a new way of living through the experience in food, beverage, and art that is created by Sicily. Each product is like an art and is made with passion and excellence that could be felt even without words.

The Italian tradition meets the passion of Sicili@mo that deals with genuine Sicilian products. Sicili@mo’s attentions in the details, in the origin of the suppliers’ choice are two of the features that characterize the taste and the products of Sicili@mo.

Their products go from the Bronte Pistachio to almond paste to dried tomatoes and all the varieties of olives’ pâté. They offer a wide selection of beverages: almond milk, lemonade, spuma and orange drink.


Sogeda Alimentare

The Sogeda Aliementare S.r.l. , located in the Canavese at the foot of the Alps, operates in the wholesale of high quality food trade.
Strong of its territorial roots, Sogeda works with local and regional dairies located in the Lanzo hills, in the Cuneo area and in the valleys of the Piedmont region and moreover with worldwide brands.

The constant attention in the search for small and large producers are Sogeda peculiarities that is on the market with a dynamic and innovative offers to satisfy even the most hidden desire of its customers.

The dedication in the constant pursuit of product quality, highly selected which has enabled it to become, today, a leader in the sale of high quality dairy products, thanks to the craftsmanship of the butter that makes Sogeda reproducing the old country tradition, which no longer exists.

Sogeda is able to bring everywhere the products of its own region, the Piedmont, made by local producers, totally genuine thanks to its organization and experience in the selection and distribution.