The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has made a dramatic impact on the reduction of greenhouse gases released in the air and the shift in demand of fossil fuel.

According to the UN, it has been estimated a total of 7% in reduction of CO2 emissions for 2020, which can be translated like a good breath of clean air for our planet.

However, there are major concerns that the good results achieved this year can be vanished in the nearest future unless countries accelerate the shift towards green economy and renewable energy solutions.

Sustainable model of business

The UAE is one of the most focused countries in driving their economy towards clean energy and adopting a sustainable model of business.

Recently it has been powered up the nuclear plant in UAE, which will provide a quarter of the total electricity and at the same times a saving of 21 million tons of CO2 emissions.

There are also other important projects to increase the amount of solar energy. In Abu Dhabi, it has been established the largest solar-based plant in the world.


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