“Beauty connects People”

“Beauty connects People”
is the theme of the Italian Pavilion in Expo 2020 Dubai.

This recurring motto is well represented by one of the most beautiful sculptural masterpieces in Italy, the famous David of Michelangelo, standing at the center of the pavilion.
The original artwork is located in the Accademia Gallery in Florence.

David of Michelangelo

The replica of the statue is very special as it was realized by a team of artists, architects, engineers, and historians in Florence, using space technologies like lasers and digital scanning to first replicate it digitally, then a 3D printer to print it in three sections.

The result is a 17ft-high artwork (same height as the original), composed by 14 pieces and weighing 400 kilos plus 150 kilos of the base.

Marble dust was then used to give the structure a marble-looking finishing.

The team of experts who worked on the David Reproduction Project will be involved in the new art reproduction and restoration school that will be established where the Italian Pavilion currently stands at the Expo site. The programme will include 300 hours of teaching.

Replica of Michelangelo’s David
Image Credit: AFP


School for the Reproduction of Archaeological Heritage

The launch of the Advanced Training School for the Reproduction of Archaeological Heritage in conflict zones was announced by the Italian Pavilion.

Grazia Tucci, Professor at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering University of Florence Italy announced that the team would pass on the technical knowledge to restore heritage and architecture destroyed war zones and regions of conflict.

“Reconstruction cannot be based on hypothesis… it has to be accurate,” –  Said Tucci.

This project is just another example of the many Italian excellencies brought to the UAE.
Many industries are investing in the Country, specifically in Dubai, which is considered as an important hub worldwide.

Fashion is one of the most highly invested industries, with many brands opening stores and organizing training activities for their teams.


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