There is a lot of excitement going on as Expo 2020 approaches the opening on October 1.

The major representatives of the biggest exhibition in in the world have expressed their views on CNN Connect the World regarding their expectations.

Expo 2020 will be number one event in the world in order to tries for co-operation and mutual interest across a variety of sectors to build strong relationships and generate ties that will create many opportunities in the long-term.

It seems that one of the key aspect that will definitely improve economic stability and international collaboration will be technology. There is an increasing interest of ag-tech solutions and biotechnology as everyone is starting to realize how much added value these sectors can potentially bring. A strong focus on how to effectively improve the deployment of world resources, a trained workforce and wise use of capital are the main ingredients for a rapid and stable growing economy.

Expo 2020 will be the gate for the beginning of a new world that is going to present challenges and pleasant surprises, with the opportunity to build a better future for everyone.

For this reason, the Expo 2020 site has been built to be a hub for technology and new inventions.