Expo 2015 UAE pavillion. Has started the official opening of Expo 2015.

For the next six months, the area will be the home to a variety of built structures that respond to the event’s overall theme of “Feeding the planet, energy for life”. Positioned along a 1,500 meter boulevard – named the decumanus – each pavilion represents a different country, organization or topic.

Among 141 participant nations coming from all over the world, there is also UAE.
But how will the UAE pavilion be? In these last months a lot of images or information have become known. Now we are ready to focus on it and give you all the details.



Designed by Foster + Partners, the striking form of the UAE Pavilion is created by a series of tall rippled walls.
These impressive 12-metres structures evoke both the narrow self-shaded streets of the UAE’s historic settlements and the magnificent open sand dunes of its deserts.
This sustainability ethos is also reflected in Masdar City, the UAE’s future energy complex, and it is in Masdar’s sinuous narrow streets and fluid open spaces, intended as self-shaded pedestrian routes in a car-free city, that the UAE Pavilion will finally come to rest when Expo 2015 closes.



These sinuous, curving shapes guide visitors through a range of intriguing spaces and exciting, informative experiences. Complementary landscaping based on native UAE species provides a welcoming green backdrop.

The pavilion will be dismantled at the end of Expo Milano 2015 and reassembled in the UAE’s low-carbon Masdar City, reflecting the principles embodied in Masdar’s sustainability ethos. The UAE Pavilion explores the very real challenges that arise in feeding the planet, particularly in the interwoven topics of land, food, energy and water. It also highlights some of the innovative solutions that the UAE has developed in these areas. UAE ultimate aim is not only to educate and engage but to inspire commitment to change.



Responding to the Expo’s encompassing theme of “Feeding the planet, energy for life”, the scheme offers insights on nutrition and sustainability, following four fundamental keywords: sustain, care, innovate and share. At the end of the exhibition trail a range of on-site dining facilities are housed within a three storey structure, with a ground level café providing guests with a variety of Emirati food options. At the end of the exhibition trail visitors reach a green oasis leading into a ground level café, with a formal restaurant on the first floor and a hospitality roof terrace on top. The landscaping around the pavilion and in the open public areas is designed to evoke the terrain and flora of the UAE.



For Expo Milano 2015, the UAE’s National Media Council assembled a world-class team to deliver an unforgettable pavilion experience, not only producing a building design that ‘wows’ visitors but also satisfies the requirement for our pavilion to be demountable and re-built in the UAE. The architects, took their inspiration from the evocative landscape and sustainable traditional architecture of the UAE. It creates excitement and anticipation, but what really matters is what is inside, a seamless, holistic and enchanting encounter with the UAE and its people.