Expo 2015 inside UAE pavilion: a foreseen success

As foreseen the opening day of Expo 2015 was a success… and UAE has finally shown its breathtaking pavilion.

Expo 2015 inside UAE pavilion: flash from the past

The aim was to break the construction models of previous expos.

UAE has always made a strong mark at each Expo where it has participated. It was among the top ten pavilions at Expo 2000 in Hannover; it was awarded a gold medal at Expo Zaragoza 2008; it won a popular vote among the general public in Shanghai (and came top in an academic study conducted by staff from UCLA who looked at public diplomacy criteria); and they, also, received a silver medal in Yeosu. Still this time, they have lived up to visitors expectations.

Even if it was the first day, it quickly attracted the attention of tourists.

Expo 2015 inside UAE pavilion: behind the scenes

Staff members arrived around 2am to put the finishing touches on the pavilion in anticipation of the thousands who would turn out for the opening day of the six-month-long event, which is expected to attract 20 million visitors.

Expo 2015 inside UAE pavilion: who welcome you

People, arriving at the pavilion, are welcome by lots of volunteers who come from Takatof: a charity organization established in 2005 in the UAE under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and the Deputy Supreme Commander of UAE Armed Forces for social volunteering.
It’s like a culture exchange through which they can learn to communicate with people from all over the world. In total, about 400 volunteers are set to take part in one-month rotations for the duration of the world’s fair, which runs through October.
They have the opportunity to represent their Country, explaining for example the challenges that the UAE faces caused by the dry weather conditions. Along with Emirati volunteers, the pavilion also features a number of Italian hostesses who will be helping to show visitors around.

Expo 2015 inside UAE pavilion: an incredible journey inside the pavilion

Inspired by incredibly beautiful curvilinear sand dunes as already explained in the previous article, the walls enclose a winding ramp that leads you through an atmospheric valley towards a golden drum. But this is not just an experiential space, along the way you will find Emirati ambassadors revealing magical stories about the UAE. Going on, a cinematic experience called “Family Tree”, which highlights the scarcity of water and celebrates the role of the date palm in sustaining life in the Emirates during difficult times, awaits you in the circular Palm Cinema, the beating heart of the pavilion. As the film comes to an end, visitors are drawn towards an interactive theatrical space and a remarkable presentation the ‘Future Talk’ employs all the media tricks in the book to keep you engaged and enthralled.

The protagonist of this short movie asks the audience to help her to find out a way to make the necessary commitment to achieve the ambition of feeding the planet. Continue your journey with a visit to ‘The Secret Life of Date Palms’ a cultural exhibition featuring the date palm that uses the past to imagine the future. When your visit ends, the pavilion will rock you once again offering a catering with some typical food cooked by a team of chefs from the UAE.