After three years of construction, the Dubai Opera house has officially opened its doors, hosting its first ever concert performance on last Wednesday, August 31st.
Designed by Atkins architecture firm, and developed by Emaar Properties, the venue aim to be both cultural and economic prosperity to Dubai.

Dubai’s new Opera House: the location

Located in Downtown Dubai, Dubai Opera is the radiant centre of culture and arts in Dubai and the shining pearl of The Opera District.
With its unique 2000-seat multi-format theatre, Dubai Opera is a definitive international destination for performing arts and world-class entertainment productions. Dubai Opera is committed to produce and host the finest, authentic, creative and engaging performing arts experiences from Dubai and the world.

The iconic dhow-shaped architecture of Dubai Opera is a masterpiece of contemporary design, and a stylish tribute to Dubai’s trading, fishing, and pearl diving heritage.
Today, just like the dhow contributed to the progression of this dynamic city, so is Dubai Opera adding its beautiful mark to the growth, pride and quality of life in Dubai city.

The inaugural concert on August 31 sold out in under three hours when tickets were released to the public in April.
Legendary tenor Placido Domingo inaugurated the opening with a stunning opening concert, showcasing the Spaniard’s vocal virtuosity over favourite arias, duets and Broadway staples alike.

Dubai’s new Opera House: a moment of history


Chief executive Jasper Hope, who arrived after seven years heading London’s Royal Albert Hall, hailed the opening as a new phase in Dubai’s emergence as a world-class city.

“This is a moment of history, not just for Dubai, but in an even wider sense,” said the 47-year-old British expatriate. Countries don’t build their first opera house very often. Countries don’t invest in culture and art with such a very clear statement. That’s part of the vision of Dubai, and it is extraordinary to find oneself a part of.”