More than 828 meters.
This is the new Emaar Properties’ goal within Dubai World Expo 2020.

They already owned the record for the Burj Khalifa building, renowned as the gem of Dubai and attracted more than 14 million tourists in 2015. Now the company presented the project of the new challenge: a building with a futuristic design, designed by renowned Spanish architect, Santiago Calatrava equipped with a viewing platform and 20 levels entirely reserved for residential units, a rooftop courtyard and hotels. It will also have observation decks and restaurants.

The ambitious ” Creek Harbour ” project will begin at the end of June and should finish in time for the Dubai World Expo 2020.The construction will be the center piece of the redevelopment of the Dubai Creek, the heart of old Dubai.

Four years and $ 1 billion already planned spending, Emaar Properties has not yet announced the exact height of the tower but it should be revealed only to completed work.

“From the beginning, my team and I have tried to put the best of ourselves into this project, since it is very special and is a great honor to participate”,

said Santiago Calatrava.




“The collaboration with such a prestigious firm as Emaar Properties makes it even more exciting and demanding. The design has clear reference to the classic art from the past and the culture of the place while serving as a great technological achievement. In my whole career, I have perceived technology as a vehicle to beauty and to art. This project envisages an artistic achievement in itself, inspired by the idea of welcoming people, not only from Dubai and the UAE, but from the entire world. It is a symbol of an abiding belief in progress.”


Dubai touches the sky: the Tower


With a design influenced by the natural contours of a lily flower, the scheme evokes the image of a minaret, common feature and distinctive aspect of Islamic culture.

The elongated oval-shaped bud houses the observation decks, while the slender stem is engineered to its most efficient diameter.

The structure is linked to the ground with cables, which, along with the structural core, will be gently illuminated by night make it visible from miles away.