Dubai has a new supporter in the battle for keeping the city as the center for wealth and excess as well as a city where even relatively minor illegal acts can have major consequences.
Dronesas the latest innovation in remote-controlled technology, will monitor waste dump sites, beaches and desert camp sites for sanitation law violators.

The Dubai Municipality’s Waste Management Department plans to deploy an entire fleet of drones to police the city’s litterers in order to catch and grab the city’s litterbugs.


“The main beneficial factor is the amount of time these drones can save,” Abdul Majeed Al Saifaie, director of the Waste Management Department, told in an article in the UAE-based Gulf News. Instead of having municipality inspectors driving across the city, the drones will be able to fly directly to a number of different locations within a short time, and provide us with data and high-resolution photographs.”


In a city where 13 million tourists travel, stay and enjoy the good weather, the safety and the amazing landscape, drones will be a great help for the city municipality.

In June 2015, Dubai upped the fines people face for dropping litter and introduced a host of new penalties. Littering on the beach now attracts a 1,000 dirham fine, double the amount issued for littering in other public spaces.

So next time you find yourself wandering near Jumeirah Beach, think twice before throwing that empty bag of chips in your pocket. The only drone in service right now will be probably flying on your head screening the Dubai amazing landscape.




Since April 2015, flying drones fitted with cameras in residential areas is a punishable offence as per the Federal Criminal Code.

  1. All drone activities shall take place within the visual line of sight of the user not above 122 metres (400 feet) from ground level (approximately the height of Dubai World Trade Centre) without the use of visual aids, such as binoculars and within the aircraft’s operational range.
  2. Fly only during daytime and in good weather conditions.
  3. Do not fly the drone within five kilometers from any airports, helipads, landing areas or manned aircraft.
  4. Do not fly near any buildings, houses, private properties or persons.
  5. Fly for fun and not for commercial purposes.