It goes without saying that Expo 2020 is the most expected event of all time.
Dubai has set the bar so high that it cannot get higher. Well, we know that Dubai can though.

The last announcement was given on last Monday by Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director General of Dubai Municipality and Mohammed Al-Mashrom, the Director of the General Projects Department, about the gigantic Dubai conference center project. 10,000-capacity and 190,000 sq. ft. indoor arena with a height of 98ft. What more?


Dubai Municipality strikes again: AED 1.8 billion for the Dubai conference center

The project includes the construction, in addition to the actual convention center, of three levels and will have cinema screens and high-tech videoconferencing facilities. In addition to two hotels, one 3 stars 33 floors and a 4 stars rating of 48 floors, and a 36 floor-office-complex.

The hall of the conference center will be connected to the hotels by a glass corridor, 150 meters long and 25 wide, which will overlook shops and restaurants.

Lootah pointed out that the plan is sponsored by Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai but did not state to whom it has awarded the contract to build the complex, nor did he give a date for when the project will be completed. According to some newspapers the project will be carried out in two years.


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Lootah added that the project will directly contribute to improving the status of Dubai as the best city to live in at a global level and pointed out the great role that will be played by the center in promoting the cultural and educational dimensions of the Emirate of Dubai, given that it will have a great opportunity to host major world events.
In fact, the conference center will be used to accommodate both international conferences and concerts and theatrical performances.

The total amount that Dubai will invest is almost AED 1.8 billion in the construction of the entire complex.