One of the central and deeply felt themes that is being carried out by UAE is sustainable mobility.
Sustainable mobility is part of the UAE vision to deploy self-driving vehicles by occupying a percentage of 25% of the total transportation by 2030.

This challenging goal is perfectly aligned with the ongoing mission of achieving a sustainable environment by reducing drastically the quantity of carbon emissions constantly released in the air.

Renewable energy

To make this vision a reality, the UAE is currently trying to revolutionize activities into multiple sectors by investing in research and development programs for renewable energy application and forming partnership with accredited and sustainability-based companies for project development.

Just recently the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) has entered into an initial stage agreement between MND, a French-based transportation company to test a new innovative network solution of fully automatized high-speed passenger pods in Dubai.

The technology is currently being tested together with the Sharjah Research and Technology Innovation Park to eventually implement it later along with the current advanced metro system.

If the test will be successful, it will result in new energy-efficient means of transportation that will contribute in achieving the desired vision of a net zero carbon emission country.

Expo 2020 Dubai

Sustainability and Mobility will also be the two main subthemes along with Opportunity at Expo 2020 Dubai exhibition where there are going to be showcase new inventions to revolutionize transportation and ways to reduce the impact of climate change.