“Our ambition is to be our nation’s leading global knowledge-based economy”


With these words Sheikh Mohammed announced another plan to boost more and more companies in his city. How?

Creating 27’000 jobs by 2030 aiming at becoming a city that produces as much as it sells, focused on self-sufficient.

The industrial sector is expected to grow by Dh18bn by 2030 with exports forecast to rise by Dh16bn. Investment in research and development will also increase by Dh700 million.

The strategy of the Dubai Industrial plan aims to develop and implement long-term industrial policies to enhance the competitiveness and sustainability of the industrial sector in Dubai and across its free zones. It identifies target industrial sectors and focuses on strengthening industrial integration – connecting the target sector with educational and research institutions to stimulate innovation and creativity with a view to developing strategic industries. In addition, it aims to create an attractive environment for these strategic industries.


Dubai Industrial drive: focus and sectors


The plan has outlined 75 initiatives to help generate an extra Dhs160 billion in Dubai by 2030.

Here the five key objects of the plan:


  1. Increase the total output and value-addition of the manufacturing sector
  2. Enhance the depth of knowledge and innovation
  3. Make Dubai a preferred manufacturing platform for global businesses
  4. Promote environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient manufacturing
  5. Make Dubai a center for the global Islamic products market

The sectors involved in this gigantic plan will be:

  • Aerospace;
  • Maritime;
  • Aluminum and fabricated metals;
  • Pharmaceuticals and medical equipment;
  • F&B;
  • Machinery and equipment.

In this historical EU moment, the UAE, one again, welcomes change and new challenges.