Dubai health system. Healthcare is among the priority sectors identified by the UAE government and, as a result, the UAE healthcare industry has displayed extraordinary growth and significant progress in the past few years. The government’s focus on healthcare is aimed not only at diversifying the oil-reliant economy but also at developing unprecedented healthcare infrastructure to ensure that adequate services are provided in the Emirates.

Keeping His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai’s vision in mind, and in line with the objectives of the Dubai Health Sector Strategy 2011-2013 and the Dubai Strategic Plan 2015, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is working at all levels from health policy to community awareness with the aim to develop an integrated and sustainable healthcare system that ensures delivery of comprehensive and excellent services to achieve the highest international standards in health of individuals and community.


Dubai Health System: values

  • ​People First
  • Excellence in Service
  • Honesty
  • Team Spirit
  • Efficiency
  • Creativity and Innovation


Dubai Health System: DHCC

The healthcare industry continues to develop in the UAE with new world class projects and more elaborated policies and regulations.

Dubai is one of the United Arab Emirates where the medical sector is more developed and encouraged.

Working in Dubai medical field, it means to work in a large network of private health organizations, most of which are foreign-owned. This type of policy has given life to a real competition and the research for the best professionals and the best medical services available.

In addition to private hospitals, it is also the site of the Dubai Healthcare City which is the largest medical project implemented in the UAE and one of the most important in the world. A location not only dedicated to the most modern medical center, but also home to the university hospital of Harvard Medical School Dubai Center and the renowned Boston University Institute of Dental Research and Education.

Dubai Health System: DHA

DHA is authorized to regulate all healthcare services in Dubai, including those in free zones. Healthcare facilities and professionals in Dubai must be licensed by DHA. The principle facilities license categories are hospital and day surgical centers, ambulatory care facilities, diagnostic centers, complementary and alternative medicine centers, pharmaceutical facilities and other facilities. Facilities are subject to inspection by the Health Regulation Department of DHA for purposes of ensuring compliance with local and federal laws and regulations.

DHA owns and operates a network of medical facilities including hospitals (e.g. Latifa Hospital, Dubai Hospital and Rashid Hospital), and primary health care and specialty centers (e.g. the Dubai Diabetes Center) spread throughout the Emirate of Dubai.

Dubai Health System: our support

Foreign entities wishing to enter the UAE healthcare market must consider a number of other factors relating to doing business in the country, such as corporate, regulatory, employment, intellectual property, tax and dispute resolution matters.

Astrea Mideast DMCC offers a complete range of consultancy services as follows:

  • Identification of the appropriate government agency
  • Translation service assistance
  • Professional qualifications acknowledgement procedures
  • Work permit achievement
  • Medical facilities research of where to submit application form.