Dubai Global Connect

As Dubai’s main target strategy is to connect people and businesses across the world, the Dubai Global Connect will be a key innovative wholesale market to link accredited buyers and sellers in order to help them to find the right costumers and conclude strategic business deals.

The project

The project is designed and organized by Investment Corporation of Dubai, with key government organization sponsor such as the Dubai Chamber. It consists in an area of one million square feet divided into Pavilion and designed to be a global showcase event into three major fields: Food, Furniture, Fashion.

Companies can have the big chance to showcase their products by booking a strategic stand, which will be seen for the entire duration of the year from many stakeholders gaining a visibility advantage and possibility to develop their businesses in the region and eventually also in other countries.

Strategic locations

Due to Dubai strategic locations, global companies from Europe to Asia and Africa will attend the exhibition, thus facilitating the opportunities and as a consequence securing their profits. Large hotel chains are also looking to build critical infrastructure to ease the journey of the many people who will travel as a result of the exhibition.

Moreover, the Dubai Global Connect hub will be close to the new airport Al Maktoum, and the Jafza manufacturing hub and Jebel Ali port area, to promote trade by ensuring companies have easy access to transportation channels for import and export.

It is expected to be completed by the end of 2023.