Dubai Design Week

is the one of the most important events taking place in Dubai at the Design District with the aim of bringing creative ideas and talents in the field of design and architecture.
The event took place on 9 November and lasted till 14 November, a showcasing of design related events and exhibitions such as the latest architectural projects that are taking place in UAE and GCC countries and Swiss Innovation Exhibition, which shows off some of the most innovative ideas and projects from designers aiming to create added value and improve quality of life for different minority groups such as those who live in rural areas and blind people through advanced technology developments and sustainable solution. Some of those projects will be showcased on the Swiss Pavilion at Expo 2020.

Some of the projects that were exposed at the Swiss Innovation are:

  • Healing war memories with architecture: restoration of Burj Al Murr Project using unique design that resemble healing and a new beginning after Lebanese civil war in 1975.
  • A Tool to tackle stress: an interesting healing device that automatically detects changes in human emotion at work to help people cope with stress
  • Using urban spaces to restore pedestrian life: system of nodes as an attempt to encourage walkability across Dubai and the restoration of public spaces.
  • Aquaponic food agriculture: using a system of water irrigation by creating small artificial creating plants and crops could be harvested indoor.


In D3 (Design District) architectural exhibitions there were listed many ongoing projects that will be completed in the nearest future using sustainable materials and technology applied to building construction which provide solutions such as for the hot climate in UAE.

Currently under construction, The Wasl Tower has been developed and built using cooling techniques, making skyscrapers in the future adaptable and durable for extreme weather conditions.