Dubai craves for Italian products: the Gelato sector

Italians often wonder, “ is it possible to find a good gelato outside of Italy?” .

The “yes” might be in Dubai, one of the few cities, outside Italy, which offers a course held by Carpigiani’s University of Gelato in Bologna.

Firstly, let’s be clear. Gelato owes its popularity to that smooth texture, which comes from being served at a warmer temperature than regular ice cream and its lower butterfat content – about 10% compared to ice cream’s over 20%.
All that means it melts faster – and you get all the flavor faster too. Gelato is actually very different than ice-cream.
The three main differences are that Gelato is low in sugar, low in butterfat and is made with very little air. Ice cream is made in large industrial batches, uses ingredients designed for lengthy storage, has limited flavors, and is stocked for sale in supermarkets.
Authentic Italian gelato, on the other hand, is produced fresh practically every day in relatively small quantities, is sold directly to the public, and is available in a large number of flavors – usually based on fresh ingredients that make the gelato creamy and colorful.

The ice cream sector innovates and grows but Gelato is what the Middle East market requires. Again the Made in Italy leads the way.


Dubai craves for Italian products: the Gelato World Tour

The Gelato World Tour is a worldwide fair with the patronage of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of Economic Development.
With the first edition in 1979 and a record of 187 thousand professional visitors of which 38 thousand foreigners in the last edition the Gelato World Tour is under the spotlights.

The mission is to spread the culture of Italian-style gelato, a fresh, artisan food product throughout the world.
During this fair new products, new trends, retail chains, manufacturers, trade associations, trade media, investors make their appearances in order to explore the domestic market but also the world. It represents an opportunity for businesses and entrepreneurs in the Middle East to join a market rapidly making inroads into the global frozen dessert industry, which is worth tens of billions of US dollars worldwide.

The Gelato fair took place in Tokyo. For three consecutive days (Sept. 4-6) Tokyo has been the new Gelato Capital of the world taking over Dubai’s title.
The eyes of food lovers across the world were on Dubai the last year, as the Emirate became the Capital of Gelato.

Last year more than 40,000 people attended the 4th stage of the Gelato World Tour in Dubai (February 13th-15th).
40 people (from Carpigiani, Sigep, IFI, and MEC3), plus other 100 (including graphic artists, electricians, cleaning staff, plumbers, cashiers, information staff, security guards, truck drivers, audio and video technicians, and social media consultants) worked together to make this great event happen.

The Technical Jury for this stage of the tour competition was composed by leading experts including the Jury President Emiliano Bernasconi, Executive Chef at Armani Hotel Dubai, and Jury Vice Presidents, Mr. Mana Al Suwaidi, the Chairman of FME and Mr. Sunjeh Raja, the Director of ICCA.
Also serving on the Technical Jury were Mr. Giovanni Favilli, the General Consul of Italy in UAE; Ms. Eleonora Cozzella, editor of L’Espresso – Italy’s most renowned media specialist in gelato; Mohammed Hawamda & Mariam Al Shamsi, Reporters, Sky News Arabia, and Ms. Natalie Long, Editor, Tabloid! Gulf News.

Dubai craves for Italian products: where to find them.

In Morocco ice-cream is made with argan oil, in Dubai with camel milk, in India with cardamom, in Russia with beetroot and raspberry.
Ice-cream is a country mirror, in fact, Gelato represents Italy in every aspect, in every flavors.

Here where to try Italian’s flavors in Dubai.

  • Morelli’s
    The Morelli family has been making gelato for more than 100 years, and the company has a chain of stores around the world. Morellis has opened ice cream store in London, Monaco, Dallas, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Dammam and Dubai. The Dubai-based outlet of the gelateria makes its own gelato on site at The Dubai Mall. There are a wide range of flavors and toppings available, but the chocolate nut sundae is a favorite.
  • La Romana
    This gelateria, founded in Italy in 1947, has been run by the same family ever since. Named after the founder’s daughter, the company is now global, with an outlet in Barsha. It offers an ‘artisanal’ gelato experience, with the utmost care taken over the preparation and ingredients. Part of the La Romana secret is its use of traditional zabaione, an eggy Italian dessert.
  • Carluccio’s
    Despite being a global chain, Carluccio’s UAE venues combine Italian know-how of ice cream and gelato making with a focus on locally sourced ingredients: for example, the milk comes fresh from a Dubai-based farm. The best seller here is the universal plain Jane of ice creams: vanilla. For something more unusual, try an affogato, the Italian word for drowning, an Italian classic of vanilla ice cream with a shot of hot espresso, served with an Italian biscuit called “lingue di gatto”.