Airbus A380, the new Emirates giant: from UAE to NYC. Here is the new giant of the skies: it’s impossible not to notice its towering tail over other aircrafts.
The colors of the flag are those of UAE and Airbus A380 is the largest air in the world thanks to its ability to carry passengers: in this case the seats are 427.
The news is concerning the destination: the plane from Milan Malpensa returning from the UAE is ready to take off to the JFK in New York City.

Airbus A380, the new Emirates giant: the most luxurious way to fly


Inside, the aircraft responds to the most futuristic idea. In the economy class seats are a little bit more comfortable and larger than the standards.
All passengers have access to a 20-inch LCD display for entertainment and a USB port.

The breakthrough comes when in Business class, located on the upper floor: 76 reclining seats in a 1-2-1 configuration that turn into beds up to 2 meters long, as well as a personal tablet from where people can control the display. At the entrance there is a luxury lounge where passengers can drink a glass of wine.
Going further ahead you get to the First class, with 14 private suites equipped by minibar, 27-inch tablet and 2 spa showers. Obviously also while taking a shower, you can keep an eye on your flight thanks to a 15-inch display inside it, in addition to a wide range of cosmetics.

How much does it cost? Taking a test for the first week of September, an economy class ticket will cost around AED 3,780 roundtrip, a business one costs more than AED 9,090 and travelling in First you get to AED 22,320.

Airbus A380, the new Emirates giant: the trend continues growing up

The connection has been allowed by ENAC which authorized services between Milan, New York and Emirates.
The stretch between the capital of Lombardy and the Big Apple is active from October 2013, but only from June 1 this year, the Boeing 777 has been replaced by the A380 for a daily flight.

The global trend continues growing up: 49.3 million passengers worldwide in fiscal year ended March 31 (+ 11%) and a target of 52 million in the current year.