Agricultural sector in UAE

Recently, the UAE agenda has been extremely committed in finding new ways to improve the agricultural sector as there are major concerns over the exponential increase in population density in urban areas over time.

That is why the UAE government is focused in providing new urban farming methods thanks to recent hi-tech farming solutions such as hydroponics and aeroponics.


Advanced cultivation techniques

Such advanced cultivation techniques will enable countries with limited arable land and hard climate conditions to achieve independence from exports or at least, increase the overall domestic production of agrifood products.

According to Ravindra Shirotriya, CEO of VeggiTech, an innovative agritech company whose primary goal is to improve sustainable farming in UAE, there are three promising key areas:

  • Precision agriculture, which uses hyperbaric chambers and nanotechnology to protect crops and residues of agrochemicals as well as enhancing their growth.
  • Photo- bio reactors can cultivate algae such as spiralina, which has many beneficial properties and high concentration of nutrients.
  • Smart Farms using data analytics tools can be crucial to establish harvest plans to meet the demand and consumption of the population