UAE’s main effort and resources is largely focus on the agricultural development using new expertise and technological development.

Agricultural Innovation Mission

On Friday, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed, Ruler of Dubai has announced the Agricultural Innovation Mission, a project that will shape and transform the agricultural sector through new technics involving the use technology over a 5-year period.

In a joint effort between UAE and US, technology and resources will be put into place to strengthen and develop food production, which has been posed in serious threat as a result of climate change.

AIM project

It is estimated that the agricultural sector accounts for more than 24% of the total greenhouse gases emissions. A the same time the world population is increasing at a fast rate, which cannot be sustained if the current food production output is increased. Therefore, the AIM project will focus in tackling also the environmental impact by adopting new innovative farming technics and by ensuring food and water security as part of the UN’ sustainable goals.


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