A five-year multiple-entry tourist visa system was approved by the UAE Cabinet on January 6, Monday.

Sheikh Mohammed said: “Today, we have reviewed achievements made over the past year… we planned for 2020 to be a different year as it marks the year of preparation for the upcoming 50 years (2020: towards the next 50). It is the year in which we design the future of the UAE.”

Who can request:

  • family and parents of expat residents
  • residents that have to temporarily leaving the country, they can cancel the actual residency and take up the five-year tourist visa so they have not to waste money in flights to come back for the entry
  • people that needs medical surgery and medical tourism
  • people that look for a job in UAE

This new reform not only can help and free some categories of people that is going back and forth following the entry limits, but it will boost the coming people to the Country and tourism.

This is an other example how this Nation is open minded and gives opportunities and a better future to the people worldwide.