It’s official! His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Al Maktoum has announced the countdown to what is currently known as the World Greatest Event that will inspire change by connecting the minds and cultures of all populations.

People will the opportunity of a lifetime to see some of the greatest invention from steel discs rotate with the sun and artificial trees that capture moisture from the air.

Architects and organisers are realizing for the first time the project development plans and sketches as well as some behind-the-scenes glimpse of the various construction works and design of the districts.

Mobility Pavilion

The Mobility Pavilion for example has been designed as a giant fidget spinner made by stainless steel in order to capture images of the flow of movement that will be created by the people walking around.

The Stainless steel structure will also resembles the fenders of vehicles from the past and aircraft wings to further give the sense of movement by reflecting it into the façade of the building using a combination of mirrored elements.

However, there is a lot more to discover at the World Biggest Show Expo 2020 which is designed to give powerful inspiration and examples on how we can create a better future for the humanity and the planet.