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Strategic Marketing

Thanks to the market’s  recovery and trough the exit from the economic crisis, the Gulf area and some parts of Asia are playing a leading role in the change of world economic geography. The United Arab Emirates is considered the privileged door towards East: the place to be for a multitude of investors from all over the world.

An original cosmopolitan laboratory where multicultural races live peacefully together without tension despite deeply linked to the Islamic tradition, but interpreted with a cut less rigorous than in neighboring countries.
In this context, the marketing strategy creates a competitive advantage.
The balance between supply and demand, activates a virtuous circle of economic and social development. Thanks to the specific knowledge of the area and its experience, Astrea Mideast DMCC addresses its clients to identify the target market. This specific approach, tailored to the needs of the UAE market, also evaluates the potential in terms of quantity and quality, offering high growth and profitability potencial.